James M. Bason

b. December 27 1962

James Bason is best known for his tranquil yet evocative landscapes from around his native home town of Great Falls and the greater central Montana area. His career as a professional painter began upon his return to Montana after living in Connecticut for almost six years. Since then he has passionately painted what he grew up with - not the majestic mountain peaks so common and popular in western art but more often than not the vast open prairie, the windy vista or simply the space in between things - a clump of grass, some willows, the clouds of Montana’s big sky.

Bason holds a BA in Art in Graphic Design with honors from Montana State University at Bozeman. His artwork has been exhibited at the Western Masters Art Show, C.M.Russell Art Auction and Miniature Show, the Jay Contway and Friends Art Show, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, The Holter Museum of Art and the Yellowstone Art Museum as well as various art shows and auctions throughout the state. He resides in Great Falls with his wife and son where he strives to become a better person and a better painter.


Altamira Fine Art

Jackson Hole, WY